21. marec 2013

Sunset and it's Light

Today my plan was to take some photos of the Comet "Panstarrs" but I couldn't due to the weather (clouds). Instead, I got a beautiful opportunity and light to make some sunset shots.

05. marec 2013

Nightsky & Stars

1st picture:
 Are you able to find the galaxy Andromeda (M31) on the picture?
It's very easy.

2nd picture:
 On the second picture you can find the constellation of Orion with it's nebula (M42), the red supergiant star Betelgeuse and the blue supergiant star Rigel.
The brightest object on the picture is not a star, but a planet. Jupiter. To it's right you can see blue stars called Pleiades or M45. To it's left and a bit down, there's a red giant star Aldebaran.

Sunset & Piran

I took a walk on the beach of Strunjan with my camera on purpose, to take some shots of the sunset. The second picture was done few minutes after the sunset and as you can see, there's a big difference in colors, feelings and believe me, also in temperature of the air.
The church you can see on both pictures is a town - Piran, Slovenia.