29. april 2016

Spring at the end of April

We're in the middle of spring and that how it looks like in Slovenia. Cold.
I posted two different captures of the Predjama castle because I can't decide which one looks better. It's up to you.

23. april 2016

Spring in Kozjansko, Olimje and Rogatec - SLOVENIA

Again I travelled to the south-western region of my country Slovenia about a week from now. Exactly to Kozjansko.
As I had plenty of time I also visited the small town of Rogatec, Olimje and a place called "Jelenov greben" which means "Deer reef" in English.
All photos were taken during the daylight time.

A forest near Podsreda 

 View on Podsreda and the castle of Podsreda

 Abandoned house

 A small part of Kozjansko


 Up into the blue

 Landscape of Kozjansko


 Train station in the small town of Rogatec



 The Monastery in Olimje

The Monastery's yard

 Young deer at Jelenov greben


Showing the butt